One day down, 3 more to go!

28 May 2018

Team Tower to Tower have reached Le Havre and completed the first day of their 4 day challenge.

The team left Paris at 5am this morning (local time) and throughout today have cycled 240kms to arrive in Le Havre this evening.

Adam Share, CEO of Red Industries said "We've been up for a long time now so starting to feel quite tired. I'm not feeling great about the row ahead - rowing through the night when I'm tired is going to be really hard physically and mentally."

Now, after a short stop to get something to eat & drink, change their clothes and catch their breath, the team will board a small wooden boat and prepare to row across the English Channel, for the longest and most challenging part of the journey, to Brighton.

With 2 hours on, 2 hours off, the team will battle sea sickness, blisters and adverse weather conditions to keep the boat moving for 40hours. During their 2 hour non-rowing time, the team will get something to eat, change out if their wet clothes and try to get a little bit of sleep, before resuming their place on the wooden boat.

With only a few hours of rowing practice, this section of the journey will push the team way beyond their comfort-zone. Tower to Tower aims to highlight the sleep deprivation faced by parents caring for a child with a complex, life-limiting condition.

Cycle team

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