Only 17kms to Go

31 May 2018

Team Tower to Tower are only 17kms from London and the finish line! They’re expected to arrive in London at 5pm

You can watch them arrive LIVE on our Facebook page @TheDonnaLouise, at around 5pm

Back at The Donna Louise we’ll be watching the team as they cross the finish line. The whole hospice has been eagerly following the team’s progress all week and there will be lots of cheers, no doubt a few tears and definitely a huge sigh of relief when the team arrive safely in London.

You can track the final few kilometres of Tower to Tower 2018 on our interactive map at and watch the action live on Facebook.

There’s still time to arrange an interview with the team once they’ve crossed the finish line, please contact Mel Hulse, Head of Communications, on 01782 654444,

We’ll continue to add photos to our media stream at


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